Purpose of Laboratory

The main goal of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Systems Laboratory is to provide an environment where, primarily, undergraduate students in the Department of Meteorological Engineering can conduct experiments. In addition, energy and climate issues are in-common research areas of meteorological engineering. Supporting graduate research on these subjects is one of the other aims of the laboratory. In this laboratory, it is aimed to conduct experiments related to both energy and atmosphere.

Objective of Laboratory

To investigate the physical processes taking place in the atmosphere, to simulate atmospheric processes with experiment, to give students the awareness and experience of experiment, to discuss the effect of solar radiation in atmospheric processes and its effect on electricity production, to simulate the main factors in climate in a real laboratory environment, to raise awareness about atmospheric events and to contribute to national-international experimental research.

Research and Application Fields

Atmospheric circulation, renewable energy sources, photovoltaic systems, climate studies.


  • Weather in a Tank Experiment Set

  • Laboratory Type Solar Panel Test-Measurement and Comparative Experiment Set

  • Solar Panel MPPT Electronic Load Device

Researcher Information

There are 1 faculty member (head of laboratory) and 3 research assistants responsible for the laboratory.

Possible Experiments

Topics related to atmospheric circulation and climate system, effect of solar radiation on photovoltaic systems, experiments related to energy.