Places for Hydrology Internship

State Hydraulic Works and similar public and private institutions.

Places for Applies Meteorology Internship

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,

  • Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

  • Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change

  • Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure,

  • Office of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography,

  • Relevant units of municipalities (environmental protection and control directorates, water management units and disaster coordination centers),



  • Airline companies,

  • Turkish Energy, Nuclear and Mining Research Council,

  • Solar and wind energy companies,

  • TV channels,

  • Insurance companies,

  • Tourism companies,

  • Telecommunication companies,

  • Meteorology and hydrometric observation instruments manufacturing companies,

  • Institutions and organizations that develop and use meteorological products such as building air conditioning.